The company began operations in 2018. Currently, the company's main business is export of dry fruits. Currently, the capacity of the plant for the production of dry fruit reaches 6000 tons per year. Last year, thanks to the practical support of the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the market for dry products had developed rapidly and widely, especially we exported to Europe, Russia, Poland, Ukraine , Azerbaijan, Latvia , Hungary, United Kingdom, Belarus, Estonia . In the list of dry fruit nomenclature, the following fruits are present: black kishmish, yellow sultana, dried apricots, prunes, walnut, pea, raisin, dried apricot, haricot-bean, beans, dried melon.

The company is a major producer and exporter of dried fruits in Uzbekistan. To date, ‘’ CHelak Tomorqa Xizmati ‘’LS is one of the leaders in the Uzbek market for the production and sale of biologically pure, that is, produced from naturally grown raw materials, dried fruits. We export our products to all countries.

The largest volumes of deliveries are made to such countries as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Poland, Latvia, United Kingdom. Hungary. We are planning to enter market of USA.

The quality of our products

All products are manufactured with high-quality equipment. Raisins undergo processing on Bigtem equipment with computer control includes; The system of washing, lubrication, drying and cooling tunnels, which preserve the organic properties of the products and the necessary humidity, and also is sorted by color and size, the main feature in the preparation of products is strict control of the manual bulkhead as this gives the desired shape and quality and is already the last cantrol.

The quality of our products meets all international standards, since it is produced under sterile conditions from environmentally friendly raw materials. Competent work of qualified personnel, excellent knowledge of agricultural business and consumer desires allows our company to develop rapidly and dynamically in the world market.

We offer people natural products, guarantee their quality, and, of course, decency in the business partnership. The problem is that Uzbek high-class, "elite" dried fruits (not dried vegetables) are not dried artificially, by industrial methods. The main requirement is not to lose flavor.

Therefore, farmers themselves carry out the natural drying of their fruits with the combination of sunlight and shade in an open area.


Omonov Umar

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Export Manager:
Gulomova Barno
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Trade Specialist:
Shokhdorov Zafarjon
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Marketing Specialist:
Amirov Makhmudjon
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International Sales Manager:
Esirgapov Muhiddin
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Product Development Manager:
Omonov Asomiddin

Begaliev Anvar

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