Over the past three years, thanks to the practical support of the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the market for dry products has developed rapidly and widely, especially exports to Europe, Russia, Poland, Ukraine , Azerbaijan, Latvia , Hungary, Great Britain, Belarus, Estonia. In the list of dry fruit nomenclature, the following fruits are present: black kishmish, yellow sultana, dried apricots, prunes, walnut, pea, raisin, dried apricot, haricot-bean, beans, dried melon.

Terms of payment:

The following payment options are acceptable:

  • First option - prepayment - 100%;
  • The second option - prepayment - 50% for the goods after the Seller has issued a pro forma invoice for payment.

After receiving the prepayment by the Seller in the amount of 50%, the Seller prepares the goods and export documents within 7 - 10 working days for shipment depending on the consignment.

After the goods are ready for shipment, Prodovets informs the Buyer that it is ready to ship the goods and requests to pay the remaining amount of 50%. The buyer or his representative has the right to pay the second part of the amount of 50%, kills that the goods are ready for shipping of the proper quality and after that make payment. Further, the Seller makes the shipment of the goods and sends by e-mail copies of the accompanying documents of the goods.

Terms of shipment:

  • After receipt of 50% advance payment to the Seller's account, preparation of the goods for shipment and export documents (certificates, customs clearance, etc.) begins within 7-10 days of working days, depending on the lot and the assortment of the goods.
  • The delivery time depends on the delivery basis according to Incoterms - 2010.

Standard procedure:

  • The buyer sends an e-mail letter of intent to purchase the goods with a clear indication of the volume of the order, the specific size and grade of the product, the required conditions and delivery dates, packaging, etc. ;
  • Negotiations are under way to agree on the terms of a possible contract. The contract is made in Russian or bilingual Russian-English;
  • In case of reaching an agreement on all items of the contract, the Buyer sends to the Seller a signed and sealed copy of the contract in a scanned form by e-mail.
  • The seller, in turn, signs the received copy of the contract, seals it and sends it to the Buyer in the same way together with the pro forma invoice for payment.
  • Starting from this moment, the Buyer can start fulfilling the terms of the contract, that is, to make an advance payment.
  • The buyer sends the courier express mail (DHL, TNT or other) to the Seller signed and sealed the original contract in two copies.

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