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Walnut is, perhaps, one of the most widely known and favorite treats. It is used as the main ingredient in many cuisines of the world and, thanks to its benefits, has won many admirers.

Everyone from childhood is told about how indispensable it is to health. But this nut was known since the time of Hippocrates, who in his treatises stressed his favor.

Probably, none of the types of nuts is rich in minerals in the same way as in Greek. It contains a large composition of vitamins of group B, PP, C, A, E, as well as a number of the most important minerals. For example, such as sodium, zinc, iron, cobalt. In addition, the fruit of the walnut contains many fatty unsaturated acids and protein, important for the human body.

Walnuts, useful properties of which are absolutely indispensable for a growing organism, must be present in the diet of kiddies, nursing mothers and pregnant women. It is best to agree with the doctor in advance on the amount of nuts to eat per day. Usually for women in the position, the dosage is ten to twelve nuts, for children - five to seven. An adult who does not have contraindications, you can eat up to ten pieces of fruit of a walnut tree per day.